Shalimar Group Milestone Header Image


Jul 16th 2013 - Incorporation of Nepal Shalimar Impex Private Limited

With this endeavour the group was able to facilitate import and export of miscellaneous items that were not already in the wide umbrella of the products being traded in the country

May 17th 2013 - Shalimar Plastic Industries Private Limited formed


Jul 2nd 2012 - Nepal Shalimar Paints underwent a new joint venture with Kansai Paints, Japan

May 8th 2012 - Entered the national financial market via Shalimar Investments Company Private Limited

Jan 6th 2012 - Enters food and hospitality through Shalimar Hospitality and Foods Private Limited


Oct 16th 2008 - Unitech Cement Private Limited incorporated


Jul 19th 2006 - Entered real estate via Shalimar Homes Private Limited

Mar 26th 2006 - Enters travel and tourism through Shalimar Travels Private Limited


Aug 4th 2003 - Nepal Shalimar Cement Private Limited incorporated and started operations


Jan 18th 2001 - Nepal Shalimar Metals Private Limited formed


Dec 12th 2000 - Diversified towards decorative paints with the incorporation of Nepal Shalimar Paints Private Limited

Apr 2nd 2000 - Rameshwarlal Rajkumar Hardware becomes Goyal Hardware


Mar 25th 1994 - Shalimar Steel Private Limited established

Jan 1st 1994 - Shalimar Group formed as a joint venture collaboration between Pradeep and Company and Rameshwarlal Rajkumar Hardware


Jan 27th 1992 - Sidhartha Impex Private Limited established


Nov 30th 1991 - Sidhi Vinayak Private Limited formed

Nov 21st 1991 - Hemant Industry formed to enable production and exports of pulses


Jun 7th 1981 - R K Impex Private Limited established


Jan 1st 1965 - Pradeep and Company formed to facilitate miscellaneous imports and exports


Jan 1st 1940 - Madanlal Rameshwarlal Hardware incorporated