An Overview

Shalimar Group, a leading conglomerate of Nepal has diversified interests in various sectors of the nation. Established in the early 1940's, Shalimar Group’s presence is pervasive over Nepal. Primarily involved in the production of construction materials, Shalimar Group has since deviated into various sectors including local and national development. Shalimar Group stands committed to quality and sources its inspiration from the strong values the members of the group embody. The group prides upon its corporate values, work ethics, strong customer relations, and its role in the acceleration of national development.


Shalimar Steels Pvt. Ltd: Producers of TMT bars.

Shalimar Homes Pvt. Ltd:  Pioneer in housing and infrastructure.

Shalimar Investment Company Pvt. Ltd: Investing in various sectors.

Shalimar Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd: Producer of PP & HDPE Bags.

Shalimar Travels Pvt. Ltd: A leading company in tours and ticketing.

Nepal Shalimar Cement Pvt. Ltd: Producer of quality cements.

Nepal Shalimar Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd:  Producer of non-ferrous sheets and circles.

Hemant Industries Pvt. Ltd: Producer of export quality pulses.


Business Ventures:

Joint Venture:

Kansai Paints Nepal Pvt. Ltd: Producer of quality paint and emulsions.


Gulab Sweets Nepal: Manufacturer of Rewri, Namkeen, Gajjak, and other sweets.


Trading Firms:

Shalimar Group is an extensive trader in the Nepalese import and export market with various companies importing copper, brass, food, fertilizers and construction materials such as power tools and more. The two key importers of the group are Pradeep and Company Private Limited and Goyal Hardware.

Financer and Promoters

1.    Grande International Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

2.    Narayani Vayodhya Hospital.

3.    Lower Solu 82 MW Hydropower Project.