The Board

Shalimar Group with an array of products catering to all territories of the nation is not the only reason why it stands apart. We the members of the board believe the reason to be the value we have been able to provide. And when we speak of value it is not limited to a monetary relation, rather a satisfactory note. Shalimar Group forever stands committed to quality.

By making strategic mergers and expanding our capacities, we have managed to lay important milestones for a sustainable positive development. Each passing year, we set new records for both sales and earnings which our group aspires to achieve. With expansion into almost all business sectors, from national infrastructure to financial markets, paint production to the travel industry, imports and exports; it gives us immense pride to proclaim that our group has achieved its vision till date.

We like to attribute our group as visionaries, where with risks and bold strides, Shalimar has been able to earn the recognition of a nationally reputed group. With focuses on expanding our global presence and diversifying across different customer industries, the group aspires to become important national and local growth drivers of Nepal. National development has always played a key role in our business interests. Industries in the group are established with a purpose to reduce Balance of Payment (BOP) deficits, boost national employment, and make available a sustainable environment for its citizens. Trading organizations are formed to meet the necessary demands of the citizens, and services like travel and hospitality to increase inflow of foreign currency.

By focusing closely on enhancement and innovations, we plan to continue meeting our customers’ high demands for quality products and thus strengthen our leading market position even further in the future. Continued expansion of our global presence and entry into new industries remain our strategic focuses. We expect to see increased demand in the upcoming future as we prepare to penetrate new market regions of the nation and beyond.

Last, but not least, we would like to thank our dedicated employees who contribute to the success of Shalimar Group each day through their hard work. Your support and belief has been crucial during our journey and hope that being a part of Shalimar makes us as proud as we are of you. We would like to thank our dealers for their consistent support in flawlessly implementing our marketing strategies. Moreover, we would like to thank our customers and business partners for our good and trusting relationships. We look forward to the many years to come and hope you will continue to support us.