Global Citizenship


Shalimar Group believes in nurturing, be it the planet or the people. We as a group, through various ways, small or large, make efforts to initiate or enable a change. Being a commercial enterprise, we weigh heavily on our shoulders the responsibility we have towards the society and the planet where we borrow our resources from. Thus, we have broadly categorized our activities into two major classes.


  • Installed a smoke reduction apparatus in our cement plant, where the smoke is diverted back to the plant to be recycled before emission.
  • Extensive use of recycled water in our factories and plants.
  • Kansai Paints factory engineered in a manner to be environment friendly.
  • Cautionary measures to prevent over usage of resources, and ensuring proper disposal and recycling where possible of factory emissions.


  • Sourcing resources through local farmers and familiarizing them with efficient methods of production.
  • Established Jai Bajrang Bali Sewa Trust with an ambulance each in Biratnagar and Birgunj. Recently provided 50 beds for the Emergency Ward in Koshi Zonal Hospital.
  • Built a small complex in Birgunj Central Jail to provide medical facilities to the inmates and built a dispensary.
  • Have twice painted the entire Pashupatinath premises and regularly provide grants to Pashupati Shiksha Mandir.
  • Constructed a waiting hall in Pathlaiya for travelers.
  • To promote local youth sports development we made available money and equipment to Naxal Boxing Club.
  • Construction of a room in a public school.
  • Senior Home building construction commissioned.
  • Partial contribution in Inaruwa Police Check Post construction and the S.T.F.
  • Provides scholarships for underprivileged children.
  • Marriage support for women in need.
  • Financial support to build a prison for women at the District Police Office.